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    Derek has over 23 years of experience and a variety of certifications.

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Services and Programs

  • One on One Training

  • Post Rehabilitation

  • Group Training

  • Sports Conditioning Training

  • Nutrition Programs

  • Senior Fit Training

  • Competition Preparation

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Testimonials Satisfied Clients

– Melanie M.
My experience with Derek so far has been awesome! I feel great and can see some changes in my body. Derek is very flexible with his schedule and has gone above and beyond to accommodate mine. He is very knowledgeable in his field and has been able to help me with many of my questions and my problem areas. Overall this has been a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to Derek helping me achieve my goals!"
Melanie M
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– Donald R.
Derek Is a great trainer in so many ways not only does he make sure your doing everything properly to get the most out of each exercise he is a great teacher as well and very educated in his field. I came to Derek and I had type 2 diabetes and was on high blood pressure meds. He completely changed my life and got me off my meds and was within normal range again my Dr. Was so impressed. Derek changed my diet and I was losing fat as I was building muscle I was amazed at how I was changing and how I was feeling. Thanks to him my whole life has changed. For anyone thinking about hiring him you won't be disappointed well worth every cent. He is one of the best and I've had other trainers but never saw results like I got with him and knowing about his nutrition background helped me so much as he did a custom meal plan for me and made all the difference in the world."
Donald R
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– Matthew L.
I hired Derek because it is hard to find a balanced trainer with 20 years of experience with multiple training strategys and licences. If you want a trainer to listen to your needs and work with you to build a long term strategy he is your guy. If you want a rookie straight out of certification he's not, trust me there is a difference."
Matthew L
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– Justus B.
I am very happy with my custom training program experience. Derek is extremely knowledgeable and stays on top of my routine and future goals as if they were his own. If you're searching for a new body image, superior health, and you want results fast... Derek is your guy!"
Justus B
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– Bridget M.
Derek has been a godsend for me. He has helped me to significantly improve my overall health & fitness level. He is full of information regarding nutrition and has completely customized my training routine to help me reach my specific goals. He pushes me through my work outs when I don't think I can push myself any more. He is always encouraging me and helping me stay on track."
Bridget M
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learn about Services & Programs

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    One on One Training

    One on one training is a great way to get the most out of your workouts. It allows the trainer to customize every workout, exercise, set, and repetition towards you and your goals. One on one training also allows you to build a relationship with your trainer that creates openness and trust.

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    Group Training

    Group training is ideal if you want to participate in activities with your peers. It encourages a high energy setting and support from others. Group training also helps as a source of accountability and it adds a healthy sense of competition to do your best.

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    Competition Preparation

    Whether you’re a male or female that is interested in competing, competition prep can help you reach your goals. A customized workout routine including weight lifting and cardio will be provided as well as a detailed nutrition program. Your weekly progress will be tracked in a log and with progress photos.

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    Post Rehabilitation

    Post rehabilitation is for individuals who are experiencing limitations while they’re recovering from injuries, disease, or treatments. Post rehabilitation workouts promote general health, decrease medical complications, and optimize independence. Certain conditions may also suggest exercise as a mode of therapy.

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    Senior Fit Training

    Senior fit training is a safe, fun, and effective way for active older individuals to exercise. All aspects of training is included, such as warmups, aerobic conditioning, musculoskeletal strengthening, flexibility work, relaxation activities, post-aerobic exercises, and cooldowns.

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    Nutrition Programs

    Nutrition programs are most effective when combined with an exercise routine. Nutrition programs are imperative no matter what your goal is: lose weight, gain lean muscle, increase cardiovascular health, body build, participate in fitness competitions, recover from an injury, etc. Proper levels of protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, and nutrients allow your body to thrive.

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    Sports Conditioning

    Sports condition training helps improve overall athletic performance, including speed, strength, and power. Sports conditioning also helps athletes with injury prevention and teaches proper mechanics within certain sports performances.

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meet Derek Pelletier

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    • Master Trainer
    • Sports Nutrition Specialist
    • Sports & Conditioning Specialist
    • Senior Instructor
    • Weight Loss Coach
    • Competition Coach
    • Rehab Exercise Specialist
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    Derek has over 23 years of experience as a well-rounded personal trainer!

    Derek has taken part in many competitions, including Florida Physique, Dexter Jackson Classic, and NPC Southern States Championships.
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    Derek has been a fan of bodybuilding since he was a teenager. Growing up watching Arnold Schwarzenegger made him appreciate a muscular physique and extreme discipline. Derek has attended nationally recognized competitions and even met bodybuilding icons, such as Jay Cutler, Kai Greene, and Big Ramy.
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    "This is a lifestyle choice for me. I am excited every day to keep pursuing better health and I take this profession very seriously. I love helping people become healthier and happier. Making a positive impact in someone's life gives me fulfillment. Good health is something I never take for granted"

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